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Outdoor decoration, landscaping, gardening and building materials

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We are experts in distribution and marketing of materials for gardening, landscaping and construction with our own transport.

In Bali Natural Stone

We are experts in the distribution and marketing of materials for gardening, landscaping and construction.

We have a wide range of selected products for your company: pebbles, crushed marble, irregular stones, sleepers, artificial grass... The products are distributed in different granulometries, formats and finishes according to the needs of our customers.

Nowadays, natural and noble materials are present for the magnificent result of atmosphere and well-being, we wish to show the different materials and textures that nature provides us with to facilitate the creation of special projects and beautiful natural environments.

We offer a personalised service adapted to the needs of our customers and we are sure that our efforts will result in good satisfaction, guaranteeing the supply of materials as quickly as possible thanks to our own transport network.

Trust + Commitment + Quality + Excellence

Trust is a fundamental factor for the beginning of any process. Trust in Bali Natural Stone

Transport and logistics

We have our own national and international transport service that allows us to deliver our products to their destination in the shortest possible time.

Environmental policy

We are concerned about the environment so we work with recycled materials and plastics to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.


We meet the expectations of our clients in the shortest possible time by offering a service adapted and totally personalised to their needs, guaranteeing 100% their degree of satisfaction.


We are experts in natural stone due to our years of experience in the sector. In our search for materials in quarries and exploitations, we negotiate those of the highest quality, thus providing the value that sets us apart.


Manage the transformation process of natural stones for exterior decoration, specialising in transport, taking into account the volume of the materials and the difficulty of transporting them.

Professional advice

We have professional teams dedicated to the sector beautifying outdoor landscapes in which we put all our efforts to fulfil the dream projects.

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